Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween in the Land of Small

Welcome to the Land of Small.  A place where the adventures of the Curiously Comforting Creatures called Uzzles will be chronicled.  The Uzzles have been put here by The Powers That Be to bring comfort, courage and a sense of whimsy to the Biglings (us!).  Because it was Halloween yesterday, I thought the place to start was with the somewhat creepy and oddly quirky town of Pumpkin Hill.  Let the adventure begin!

It was a fine night for trick or treating:  crisp and clear.  All manner of ghosties and ghoulies, both funny and fearsome were out strutting their stuff in a helter skelter dash to procure as much candy as possible before the night got too dark and the veil between the world of perpetual Halloween and our own became too thin...

Wendy the witch, and her little sister Willa the copy cat, scampered happily from door to door with their friends.
Little did they realize that the night had grown dark, and they were about to step through a portal to the perilous world beyond:  the town of Pumpkin Hill.

As everyone knows, the fabric between our world and the world of Perpetual Halloween is thinnest after sunset on All Hallow's Eve.  And so, when the friends stepped into the town of Pumpkin Hill, they knew exactly what had happened.  But who wants to waste an opportunity for thrill and adventure, especially on Halloween night?

First, they visited the Wand and Wizard, a supply shop for magical beings both large and small, where they were served by a real live witch!  She told them that they must visit the apothecary and coffee shop up on the hill and so the friends headed off on the next leg of their adventure.

There, the Pumpkin Master and his friends entertained their guests with tales of other Halloween nights, dark and dangerous.  But one story in particular caught the friends' attention.  The story of the mad scientist in the back end of town, his eccentric sister, and wild younger brother who together had created a terrifying monster.  "Do not go to the Thieves Alley where the laboratory lies my friends.  Who knows what horrors may await you there!"  Warned the Pumpkin Master.  But the friends were young and foolhardy and the thrill of adventure had not yet worn off, so they set off, in search of the laboratory!

The Laboratory was a grim looking place, full of bubbling potions, wires, tubes and frightening medieval aparatus.  The scientist and his family were friendly, but odd and when they offered to make the costumes into permanent transformations, they friends decided that it was getting late, and remembered that they had promised their parents that they would not get up to mischief and especially, that they would not have any adventures so they felt it was time to be going.  All in all, it had been a spectacular Halloween-one they would never forget.

A final note:  I am totally new to blogging, being more comfortable with soft, comforting fabrics than with technology, so I hope you will forgive me if the photos are not perfect; I am learning as I go.  I hope you enjoyed the Halloween adventure.  The stuffed Halloween Uzzles are my own design.  The Peggies were inspired by the book Making Peg Dolls but since I never make anything exactly the same way anyone else has made it, they are modified to suit my whims and fancies.  Also, the mad scientist and his family were inspired by the book Steampunk Softies (but again, I modified and changed the patterns and ideas to suit my own quirky sense of whimsy and fun).  

Stay tuned for more adventures to come in The Land of Small!

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