Monday, 2 March 2015

Festivals and fun: a look at 2014

So 2014 was a busy time here in The Land of Small.  Many new Uzzles were created and found homes.  Many miniature vignette scenes were also created and so the physical landscape of The Land of Small began to take shape in a very real way.  This was an exciting and somewhat exhausting time.  But luckily, I am the proud parent of teens with a love of adventure and so, we loaded up the Hamster car (a Kia Soul) and hit the road.  Here are some photos from the various summer and winter festivals we participated in in 2014!  But first, a couple of the best selling newest designs!
These are the Earth Witches.  There are actually about 7 different designs, but I only got individual pictures of these two since they went so quickly!  I will take photos right away once I finish the next batch!  

Mad Scientists!  These also went like hotcakes, often to real mad scientists and their friends!  
A side view.  I personally love the monocle.
Steampunk Skellies!  Because I love all things Steampunk!  These were particularly popular with teens this summer!
This handsome fellow is Prince Bernard.  He is based on a character from a book called Pickle Chiffon Pie and was a commissioned piece for a friend.  Ignore the playmobil backdrop.  It was late the day before his delivery and I was trying to get a picture!

These are from Gathering on the Green in Wortley Village.  It's the biggest little festival in London, apparently.
The kids tending The Land of Small while I go for cold drinks!  It was a really hot beautiful day in early June.
So many Uzzles found homes that day.  There was also an Uzzle Hunt featuring some of the miniature scenes, like the Ice Creamery in this picture.  The scenes were on display in various booths all day and people (ok, mostly kids, but some game adults too) followed the clues and collected stamps and generally had a riot with this fun scavenger hunt type activity.
Faery Fest in Guelph.  That's Mika grinning in the sunlight.  Such a handsome guy.  His personal favourites are the Gum Drop Kids on their cake.  He took a lot of time to pose them just right before the selling began!
Grappling Hook (a secluded Island just east of the mainland in The Land of Small) at the Faery Fest in Guelph.
Then you must cross the Endless Sea in a boat manned by mouse pirates to reach the mainland of The Land of Small.
On the mainland in The Land of Small.  We have a garden shop tended to lovingly by the Earth Witches and The Greasy Spoon, a place for Uzzles of all kinds to put their feet up and have a treat or a nap, whichever is most pressing.
Then, of course, the Ice Creamery, the Apothecary and the Coffee Shop.  All good places for socializing in The Land of Small.
And of course, no community would be complete without a post office.  There is no better way to send a message to someone you care about than by Fat Bird Post.
Extra monsters at Faery Fest.  We had a lot of fun here, plus there were other great activities like Live Action Role Play and Fighting School that the kids really liked.  And jousting...lots of jousting.

And then the winter fell and we went to some great Holiday fairs.  Here are some pictures from a couple of them. 

Who knew a fake cake could be so versatile.  You would not believe how many people ask me if they can have a piece to eat.  That's how real it looks!

Necklaces and Coffee Cup Cozies.

Love these elves!  And you can see some of the Earth Witches in the background.

Fun Christmas Uzzles.  My favourites are those Candy Elves.  Did I mention that already? So delicious!
These little reindeer are so awesome.  One dad of a kid who collects my work commented that the Uzzles have come a long way since I started designing and making them about 6 years ago.  I always read in these great design and craft magazines about how long it takes to actually perfect your stye and technique and it's true.  I started making the Uzzles to unwind after long days spent teaching largely outdoors and so my kids would have the toys they saw in their heads and not on the shelves at big box stores.  It wasn't until people started commissioning pieces that I thought seriously about doing it as an occupation.  But I love it all!  
Who doesn't love gnomes!  Come on!
Snow folk.  Because what is a winter sale without snow folk?  
The smallest Uzzles, called Uzzles Minis, on little hooks so they can attach to a backpack or key ring.
Also at Christmas time there is an event in Wortley Village where I live, called Christmas in the Village.  This is a fun, outdoorsy type of event that starts early in the morning with Breakfast with Santa and ends in the early evening with carol singing and lighting the tree.  In the middle there are horse drawn carriage rides, holiday shopping and eating and another Uzzle Hunt-this time with Holiday inspired scenes.
A Winter Wonderland
A great snowball fight!
Yummy Chrissy dinner.

Christmas in the park.  That pink fawn is only about an inch tall-ask me how hard that was to make!
The whole scene is, naturally, contained in a copy of Dickens' A Christmas Carol.  Because what could be more fitting.  I should have given the red Hownd a top hat...

Skating party at The Gingerbread House!
Yes, those are little magnets on their feet.  My daughter felt that the characters should be removable in case anyone wanted to play with them...hmmm...I wonder who might want to play with them...
Candyland!  Because really, who doesn't dream of living someplace sweet and fun and covered in candy?
This scene was so complicated and full of detail that it was hard to capture it all on my iphone camera. Don't be overwhelmed; it's all good.
An aerial shot, as it were...
And a closer aerial shot.  Wanna know how to make that great looking icing?  Caulking!  Who knew right?
And there you have it, a brief and picture filled look at 2014.  I am so excited about 2015 and what is yet to come in The Land of Small.  


New Products for 2015!

So it is once again that time of year when new products are designed and developed for The Land of Small!  This is always an exciting time in The Land of Small because the Uzzles love new friends!  This year I am introducing a new line of lifestyle accessories.  These are fun, Uzzle inspired items, that make life a little brighter, a little more exciting and a lot more unique!
Fun fashion collars for wearing when you go out to do something fancy!  Pair this with a flat collared shirt or a mock turtle neck and a great pair of shoes and you are good to go.  
This is another style of fashion collar from The Land of Small this year.  This one clips together with a subtle U-hook and is very chic.  The main fabric here is a sublime faux fur.  Does it get any better really?  

Probably it would be overkill to pair that fabulous faux fur Uzzle collar with this equally fabulous pair of wrist armers, but it would be fun.  Also, not one single person would be able to take their eyes off you. Honestly!  I know this from experience! And yes, just for the sake of verisimilitude, that is the same autumnal red faux fur on the backs of these babies!

Or how about these little guys!  100% wool felt and so soft, with dimensional Uzzle appliqué and hand embroidered details.  So comfy and fun.

These are adorable coffee cup cozies.  I have yet to find a paper coffee cup they don't fit!  They also fit those plastic Starbucks re-usable cups nicely and really jazzy them up!

These are Uzzles clips.  They can clip onto nearly everything:  your collar, your cuff, your hair, your shoes.  So cute and versitile!
Here's a shot of what they look like from behind.
Who doesn't love an Uzzle inspired iphone or ipod cozie!  Soon to follow, table cozies!  Get a matching pair and you are good to go!

And my new personal favourite:  The Uzzle Clutch Purse (it needed capitals!).  So very chic.  Here are some shots of the back and inside, because what is life without great details!
From the back (it's a tail!)
A pretty lining inside!  So fun!

And now, here are some new Peg Sculpture designs I am working on for this year.  These ones were featured in a series of miniature scenes for a festival called Halloween in the Village in Wortley Village where I live.
Mr. and Mrs. Stein
Fox friends
Red Fox Friends
Bear brothers
Witchy sisters.  These are my daughter's favourites!  She claimed them as soon as the festival was over!
Wolf den gang.  If I were a wolf child, my hair would also be blue.

And last but not least, here is a new idea I am working on.  A bit of a deviation from the usual, but not too bad for a first try I think.  It is a mod of a Littlest Pet Shop figure and I think it turned out pretty well considering I have never modified anything in my life!  I am including him here just for fun.

Hope everyone has a great March Break!  Check back soon for my look at the festivals of 2014!